Men’s Beard Balm

Men’s Beard Balm

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We've made grooming your beard a little easier. 

Unlike other balms, our brand is vegan. Made with Candelilla wax, infused with all natural oils, our beard balm conditions, easily absorbs, and is rich in valuable nutrients that promote healthy hair. Not to mention, it also provides a luminous gloss. With our unique blend of essential oils, you'll feel refreshed each time you apply it. 

Pure Possibilities:

  •  Won't clog or irritate your pores
  • Creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss in the hair
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and performance
  • Texturing properties work to soften hair follicles

*For external use only

Ingredients: organic candelilla wax, organic mango butter, organic grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic castor seed oil, organic pomegranate seed oil and a blend of essential oils. (lightly scented)